Street fighter needs no intro so i'll just include what you need to know.

- This is not mugen (its real, cps3 has been emulated ages ago in fact i was the first on the forums to post a cps3 game and street fighter 3rd strike)
- It works online via P2P and yes with my crappy adsl i am able to play with my friends on the other side of the state. (using p2p you get 0 to a tiny bit of delay which just kills that crappy server online play, both included)

- Why download this? because between all the ones posted in this forum only mine includes everything in one package to go and play online with SIMPLICITY no complicated crap! not to mention the others are using either nebula/MAME to emulate. This version includes a hacked MAME which works better then the rest posted here and the rom here is the ONLY ONE THAT WORKS ONLINE (need the right jap version can't use u.s one as posted by everyone here)


for online play go file > start k.netplay and click host then give your IP to your friend and your set!

everything is the latest version from emu to bios to rom to kaillera

NO PASSWORD 1 link only



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